The Summer Nail Trends That You Should Definitely Get!

The Summer Nail Trends That You Should Definitely Get!

You must be wondering what the most admired nail trends are this summer of 2021? There are definitely various designs that exist in nail salons but why not try the ones that are trending this summer. ZERV is providing you a list of nail trends that you can ask for when you visit the salon again.

1. French Tip Nails

This design is simple but classy and elegant. But what makes it unique is that colours, excluding white are being utilized for the tip creation. Specifically, neon colours and contrasted colours are the most trending. Also, though normally long nails are preferred by customers, this style definitely suits short nails better. Simply ask your nail salon for French tip nails and make sure that you choose a valuable colour, ask for short nails and request to make them square shaped. However, it is up to you to decide if your preference is shellac or gel nails. Shellac is a thinner polish then gel and tends to ware off before gel nail polish.

hand with teal nails

2. Abstract Designs

A new trend that tiktok has created havoc about are abstract nails. These funky nails consist of various shape designs and colours. Ranging from lines, circles, and dot designs with various colours utilized these nails are the next showstopper.

Now when you visit the salon, it is best if you show a picture of the nails for clarification as these abstract nails do not have a defined description as it ranges in different colours and shapes. Consider getting white swirls on beige acrylic nails or be

creative and ask for many designs.

3. Pastel Nails

Pastel nails are always thriving in the summer as they resemble the season’s colours. This is perfect if you desire simple but elegant-looking nails.

As a suggestion, ask you nail stylist to make them coffin-shaped, slightly longer than your natural cuticle size and place a matte coating on the pastel colour. Use this description and you will leave the salon feeling confident and happy.

4. Press On Nails

The pandemic has led many new trends within customers’ buying habits. One of them being press on nails. As salons were closed, press on nails have become extremely popular within customers. These nails are premade and simply you just need to glue them on to your cuticles and that is it! Also, you can shape these nails to your preference, and it saves you tremendous amount of time and hassle that you would otherwise spend when visiting a salon!