How To Find The Perfect Wellness or Beauty Appointment

How To Find The Perfect Wellness or Beauty Appointment

Finding the perfect beauty or wellness appointment can be overwhelming as it takes tremendous amount of time and effort to do so. Also, the expected service may not be the best and ultimately you face dissatisfaction. Thus, why not utilize the following tips to find yourself an exceptional service!

1. Use Friend/Family Referrals

Referrals from friends and families are usually authentic and trustworthy as they have witnessed and experienced the service. Hearing from someone close is a great way for you to utilize their advice and book that exact merchant referred. Avoid using time, effort and browsing hassles by simply utilizing the referral as your ultimate option.

2. Use ZERV’s Concierge Service

An exceptional platform that caters towards saving customers’ time when finding/booking is the ZERV concierge service. The Concierge Service allows customers to relay their contact info and appointment preferences on the platform and the ZERV team utilizes the provided info to find potential options for a booking. Thus, ZERV takes over your responsibility and eliminates the hassle that would be created otherwise. Eventually ZERV responds in an hour with promising appointment offers and the customer decides which option to choose, and ZERV would confirm the booking chosen. The best part is that you can simply do all this for FREE. ZERV values its customers and does not charge you when finding you an appointment. Try it today!

3. Monitor Your Time

Have you noticed that time is “flying”, especially during the pandemic? In times like this, it is crucial that you manage your time well and do not spend countless hours trying to find the next best service/appointment. Prioritize your time and make sure that you spend minimal time searching as it can get overwhelming when you continuously use your hours but do not come upon a desirable outcome. Rather be efficient when browsing and make sure you know what exactly you are looking for on the internet. Also, accept that sometimes you may not find the best service online, and that is okay! Instead, use other sources, including your friends and family. Lastly, a great way to plan out you schedule is using pre-made calendars on google sheets. This allows you to write your schedule for the upcoming days so that you can refer to it when managing your time.

4. Always Check Reviews

You may come across a credible company or merchant that has an extravagant website and showcases professionalism throughout their communication services like emails or phone. However, it is crucial that you read some of the reviews (ex. Google reviews) and analyze the overall rating. Companies can control the way they portray themselves to the public, but they cannot control how overall customers rate their services. Take the initiative to analyze the reviews and ratings before you consider the service as this will save you time and help you avoid a merchant that does not provide great services.

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